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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a repair?

If the issue is related to the Landlord then please contact us with a brief message of the issue and we will arrange to remedy.

Can I change the Utility Providers?

Yes, but be aware that this will require time and organisation on your part.

We recommend using Tenant Shop to find a provider if you do wish to switch utility providers.

How do I serve notice to leave the property?

Please read your current terms of your tenancy agreement, ensure you give the appropriate notice period.

Why do we conduct regular property inspections?

We need to ensure that the property is in a good state of repair to ensure our investment is protected.

Do I need insurance?

We hold the Landlords building insurance. However, you should provide your own insurance for personal possessions as that is not covered on our insurance.

Where will my deposit be held?

All landlords are required to place their tenants’ deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme (TDP).

Your deposit will be held by the Deposit Protection Service.

Am I responsible for mould / condensation?

In most cases yes. The tenant is required to keep a property clean and sufficiently ventilated during their tenancy.

Be careful when hanging washing indoors. Open windows and contact us if any bathroom ventilation fans, or cooker hood fans are not functioning.

Where reported, this will be investigated and any problems resolved.

Can I have pets at the property?

Under our current tenancy agreement it is not allowed to keep any pets at the property.